4 Tips to help promote your self-published novel


I was a bit hesitant writing this post at first because what works for one self-published author may not work for another. And no two authors have the same amount of time and resources to dedicate to marketing. Promoting a book can get expensive.

I didn’t want to dive deep into creating a marketing plan, although you must, at least a few months before publication to generate interest. But, that’s another post. I didn’t want to talk about guest blogging – the easiest way to get into guest blogging is to start with your writing circle.

See why I was hesitant? This is not an easy topic. There are lots of options and opportunities to increase your reach. But, a lot of them start long before you hit publish. Sometimes, we find that out too late. What I finally decided on for this post is what I’d like to see or think about when I pick up an indie book. Continue reading “4 Tips to help promote your self-published novel”

Strategies for a new year of writing

New year, New Writing Plan

Authors Circle Q and A

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It’s that time of year again. I imagine organizers are being filled with resolutions. I often wonder how any writers, book lovers, and creators stick to their plans. I know, I didn’t in the past, but over the last year or so, something has changed. I’ve become more focused with this site and moving into a writing career mindset.

If you think creating a writing schedule is boring, then you probably wouldn’t have any fun executing it. I found that most difficult when moving from hobby writer to romance author wanting to make a living writing what I love. In hobby mentality, I wrote when I wanted and if I felt like it.

This year, I’m taking it a step further, I’ve not only created a writing plan. I’ve added a branding and marketing plan as well. This year, publishing and enjoying romance novels are definitely on the list.

This month’s Q and A talks about creating a winning strategy for a new year of writing. Continue reading “Strategies for a new year of writing”