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  1. Start small. Try writing a short story. Many writers began that way. A good short story forces you to create strong characters and a good plot with limited number of pages. You need to develop character and plot from the start right through to the finish.


  1. Search for a writing class or writers group near where you live or on line. You can learn a great deal from other writers about story building, character voice and story lines. Other writers can keep you writing when you are feeling doubtful about your skills. They can be inspiring and very supportive.


Strategies for a new year of writing

New year, New Writing Plan

Authors Circle Q and A

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It’s that time of year again. I imagine organizers are being filled with resolutions. I often wonder how any writers, book lovers, and creators stick to their plans. I know, I didn’t in the past, but over the last year or so, something has changed. I’ve become more focused with this site and moving into a writing career mindset.

If you think creating a writing schedule is boring, then you probably wouldn’t have any fun executing it. I found that most difficult when moving from hobby writer to romance author wanting to make a living writing what I love. In hobby mentality, I wrote when I wanted and if I felt like it.

This year, I’m taking it a step further, I’ve not only created a writing plan. I’ve added a branding and marketing plan as well. This year, publishing and enjoying romance novels are definitely on the list.

This month’s Q and A talks about creating a winning strategy for a new year of writing. Continue reading “Strategies for a new year of writing”