Let’s have tea with author Christian Pan

Hello Tea Time readers! Let’s meet Christian, shall we?

Christian is a bisexual writer who loves reading and creating stories about all kinds of sex. While some of these stories are memories and some are fantasies, most exist along the edges in-between.

Today we are exploring two of Christian’s erotic pieces, The Hitchhiker and Stress Relief!

The Hitchhiker by Christian Pan

The Hitchhiker is a tale that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

Debra starts her journey on an unexpected road trip. After hours alone in her car, she explores many erotic fantasies to titillate her imagination. Just like our mind goes from one thought to another, her imagination plays out different scenarios.

But the one that keeps coming back is the hitchhiker!

Cover art by Lauren Rae

Here is a taste of the Hitchhiker:

In the rearview, she sees the hitchhiker lower his hand and peer over his shoulder,

perhaps wondering if Debra and her car are a hallucination, as no one seems to be driving this

stretch of road this time of night.

It’s late. Dark. Isolated. No one around for miles.

Okay, decision-making time, Deb.

Hefting his army bag over one shoulder, the hitchhiker begins a light jog toward her car.

Debra leans over and opens the passenger-side door before he gets there. He leans down and

greets her…

Q: What inspired you to write a story from the female perspective?

A: The idea for this story actually sprung from a brief exchange with an old friend of mine, who told me what she thinks about when she sees a hitchhiker along the side of the road. She only told me a sentence or two, so I tried to fill in the rest of the gaps from my imagination.

I like shifting the perspective in my stories between different characters, including women and men. Some of my stories begin with a memory, or a personal experience; sometimes it´s inspired by a story someone tells me, other times it´s completely made up. But usually, each story is a mixture of all these things, borrowing from different sources or origins.

Q: As I read the story, I thought the story was a great intro to erotic horror. Do you write or have you thought about writing in erotic horror?

Oh, thank you! That´s kind of you to say.

Generally, I write within a “realistic setting”. I tend to locate my stories either in the present moment, or I shift it to 30+ years ago in New York City, a series of stories that I think of as my “historical” pieces. Even though for some that is not that long ago, so many businesses, restaurants, cafes, and art spaces are no longer around from that time. The writing can be a kind of time-capsule, trying to capture a bit of what the city was like from that time (at least, the city that I knew).

Recently, I have been experimenting with some other forms and storylines, which might qualify for “erotic horror”. I´ve written a couple of stories that are inspired by Greek mythology, “The Clags” and “Goat Rave“, which can be a little sinister. I´ve also begun serializing a science-fiction erotic series, “The Rivals: Beta Testing” and “The Rivals: Courtney“, which I see will unfold over six or seven more chapters. The Rivals are these sex androids who are rebelling against their human owners. Both are pretty dark, suspenseful, different than the other, more realistic stories I´ve written so far.

Stress Relief by Christian Pan

Have you ever fantasized about angry sex? The humiliation kink? What about sen in a public place?

In Christian Pan’s stress relief, he offers a front-row seat in a story of strangers who unite over a common vexing cause as they wait to board their flight. Their anger fuels their attraction and sexual energy swirls around them.

As heat builds between these strangers, the clock is ticking toward their nearing flight and their chance to find release.

Cover art by Lauren Rae

Here’s a taste of Stress Relief:

She squeezed my thigh, then moved her hand closer to my hip. I crossed my leg, hoping

to hide my stiffening cock from the other waiting passengers, though not necessarily from her. I

swallowed. My mouth was dry.

“Uh, what are you doing?”

“You want me to stop?”

I shook my head.

She just sat there, looking at me, squeezing my thigh. My breath grew slower, and deeper.

Then she continued in a voice only for me.

“I think this is one of the reasons I got into energy work. I´m so fascinated by how energy

and emotional states just kind of blur into one another. Like mixing paint. Violence and desire,

love and anger. These are more similar than you think.”

Q: Any time politics are involved in a story, it´s difficult to not have it overshadow the chemistry between the characters. What were some of the methods you employed to balance the erotic and the political?

Very true: overt politics in a story (including erotica) can be a risk. At the same time, that was part of the challenge: how can I try to make it work?

The opening dialogue at the airport between the two strangers is almost verbatim, during a flight I took west. For me, this was my horror story: people blasting the volume up on their phones, with their hateful rhetoric, and demanding to be treated “like a friendly neighbor”. Would they extend the same courtesy to me, if I were watching some porn?

The second part of the story was where I used my imagination. I knew I wanted to transform this into an erotic story, somehow. I also knew that sometimes, when one is angry or frustrated, when tempers are “revved up”, that that can be a close cousin to sexual arousal.

Some readers have suggested I should not include that opening, with the overt political conversation. They say that this may repel some readers from purchasing or enjoying my work. But for me, that is fine. I can´t be an effective writer, if I´m worrying about every single reaction from every single possible person. Ultimately, I need to stake out a position, and follow my own interest.

Q: Which kink did you enjoy exploring most in this story? And why?

I´m always curious about that chemistry that we can sometimes find with other people. Sometimes, it is easier to be intimate with a stranger, because one knows in advance that one will never see them again: it gives a certain kind of permission to perhaps act a certain way, speak or reveal parts of ourselves that we wouldn´t with someone that knows us better. Humans are so strange! But at the same time, I revel in these kinds of nuances, these quirks and oddities, these contradictions within human nature. Makes me feel there´s always a character or a situation to write about.

Thanks so much for having tea with us, Christian.

To know more about Christian, and to check out his erotic collection visit his site.

He was her summer boss, and she was his act of revenge.

I always have a blast writing these stories, but I have a special love for revenge stories! I hope you enjoy, The Billionaire Dating game. And If this story got even a little bit damp, I want to hear about it!

Excerpt from The Billionaire Dating Game


Stay calm, Candice. Stay calm and smile.

Everyone liked her smile. She plastered one on her face and prayed no one saw how nervous or out of place she felt. Especially the man heading directly toward her. He was everything his profile picture promised and more. His allure was wild and sexual and it wrapped around her entire frame like a hot blanket on a cold night. And he wasn’t even beside her yet.

Sweat lined her palms as he maneuvered through the crowd, barely returning the greeting of the guests he passed. His eyes never left her. They were a coffee brown, so rich she thought they were black. He didn’t smile. His strong angular jaw became more pronounced the closer he came.

Candice trembled.

His black suit hugged his frame…tailor-made. It looked expensive but gosh it made him look like a million bucks. He was tall too, and her chin tilted when he stood directly before her, so close his heat tickled the exposed skin down the V at the front of her dress.

“Who are you?”

Well damn. She’d expected something…anything other than that dry, annoyed greeting.

“I’m Candice Harper and if you’re Alexei Popova, I’m your date.” She was proud of herself for not buckling under his intense gaze. Her smile slipped from her mouth, but she had another at the ready.

“Is this a joke?”

“Don’t you know how to whisper?” Her eyes widened. People were staring.  

“Pretend they are not there. I do.”

That was impossible when they looked at her with such open curiosity. “Can we go somewhere private?”

“Like the inside of my lawyer’s office? I wonder about her take on this little fraud ring you’re running.”


“I bet orange is your color.”

“It’s green,” she shot back at his attempt to goad her. “Look, you don’t know me, but once I put on your very expensive dress, a size too small by the way, I agreed to be on team Alexei.”

His hand gripped her waist and pulled her flush against the solid wall of his front…his entire front. Good gosh. He was all hard muscle. Candice sucked in a steadying breath, but what filled her lungs was the scent of Irish Spring. This man epitomized money, yet the inexpensive soap he showered with lent him a sexiness that spoke to her thrifty nature. She wanted to inhale again. Instead, she took a little sniff to steady her nerves.

He looked at her with such open distrust; his hostility unnerved her. His penetrating gaze coupled with his possessive hold shocked her. She hadn’t been touched so intimately in over a year. But she sensed that if he thought she and Anna were playing a trick in any way, this man would just as easily push her away.

“You didn’t answer my question,” he growled, drawing her attention again.

The subtle accent that chased his demand instantly dampened her panties. Although she couldn’t place exactly where, she guessed his origins were in Eastern Europe. Wishing he would whisper seductive words as he…

She cleared her throat. “Anna is sick, and she asked me—”

“This some kind of game to the two of you?” he interrupted.

“Anna didn’t tell you I was coming, did she?” Candice wrinkled her nose. 

He remained quiet.

“On the bright side, I’m a ray of delightful sunshine.”

This time he growled his annoyance.

Damn her roommate for not telling her client that she’d done a switcheroo. This man was not amused. She didn’t blame him. She and Anna were night and day. Literally. And this dress was meant for a size four, not six. Thank goodness her breasts didn’t match her wide hips and the high slit in the dress gave her more room.

“She hooks them and then what? You show up hoping I’d be disappointed enough to walk away?” His grip tightened on her waist.

“I swear, I’ve never done this before. I promise, Anna is sick. If it makes you feel better, she was coughing up both lungs when I left home. She might be close to dying.” As soon as Candice got back to Louisiana, she was going to strangle Anna herself if she wasn’t already dead. She gave an exaggerated sigh for Alexei’s benefit. “No one would fault you for dancing at her funeral.” She stepped back, but he only held on, and if it were possible, pressed her seductively closer. Candice shivered. This man made breathing impossible. 

His eyes roamed her flush face, but before he said anything, a female voice called his name from behind.

A soft grumble escaped his mouth, and his fingers bit into her waist before they softened again. The gruff sound that escaped his chest tickled her ear, and Candice’s eyes widened. He might be mad that the woman he ordered didn’t turn up but, whoever this chick was, made him angrier. Thank goodness.

His head dropped to her ear. “Play your part,” he warned, his breath fanning her cheek as he slowly raised his head. The tip of his nose ran along the side of her face in an enticing caress. A lover’s caress that made her wetter.

Could he smell her arousal? Of course, he couldn’t. He was a whole foot taller than her five feet three inches, five feet seven in heels, but she imagined he would catch her scent if he were on his knees.

Alexei turned toward the woman, tucking Candice into his side in a single move. “Jasmine, what can I do for you?”

Candice might have collapsed at the icy greeting if not for his hand around her waist. Jasmine was beautiful and Candice didn’t mind saying so. Yet even in Jasmine’s fancy, off-the-shoulder dress and the diamond necklace draping around her neck, she was a boot-leg version of Anna.

“Why so formal, Alexei, moya lyubov.”

Alexei stiffened at the endearment. These two had tension. Now she understood the assignment and why he’d hired Anna. Pretending to be into Alexei wasn’t hard to do. He was a gorgeous specimen of a man, and though he didn’t look a day over thirty-six, she found the light sprinkle of gray in his hair gave him a distinguished air. Despite being out of her league, she was here to play a role, and she had no intention of giving up.

“I’m Jasmine.” The woman offered her hand, and Candice shook it.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Candice—”

“A working girl?” The woman cocked a brow at Alexei. “Where did you find this one?”

What the

At Candice’s frown, Jasmine continued. “I can tell from your hands that you’re not his usual.”

Alexei’s usual probably meant sophisticated, charming, and reeking of money. She didn’t need to hear any more to feel that slap in the face propelling her back to senior year in high school.

“Jasmine,” he warned.

The insult was already cast. This wasn’t her world. She had nothing to be ashamed of, and it was better he knew that now. Candice took a steadying breath. She was here to smile and be high-priced arm candy though she felt like neither at the moment.

“I’m a working woman too.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Jasmine. Spending money you don’t have is not working.”

Candice choked.

“Men have no appreciation for what a woman does.” Jasmine flipped her brunette mane over her bare shoulders with the grace of a seasoned ballerina. “Did he tell you we were once engaged?”

“He did,” Candice lied, “and I thought I’d have to work hard to make him forget you, but it was surprisingly easy.” She looked up at Alexei, hoping she hadn’t crossed a line, but he surprised her. Pulling her closer, he tilted her chin and kissed her lightly on the mouth. Her eyes fluttered closed at the tenderness, then opened when he nipped her lower lip between his teeth, sending a fiery jolt directly to her clit.

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The Billionaire Dating Game

He craved revenge. 

When Candice Harper walked into his life, she looked like a million bucks.



And sexy as hell.

But she was not the woman he’d hired to enact revenge against his ex. She was even better. 

She just wanted to graduate.

One night of pretense in exchange for tuition. That was how Candice’s ill best friend convinced her to swap places on a Holidates dating App.

She was unprepared for the devastating effect billionaire Alexei Popova had on her. The cruel glimpses she caught of him as he dished out his vengeance against his ex didn’t stop her from desiring a repeat of their scorching kiss. 

But he wasn’t a man to toy with. When the night was over, she was glad to be done with their fake date.

For self-preservation.

Except, the joke was on her. Their contract wasn’t for one night, but an entire summer.

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