About Colorful Pen Press Inc.

Colourful Pen Press Inc. is a small press publishing imprint started in 2019.

Our motto:

Fear not, write anyway.

Here at Colorful Pen, we believe it is important to write, sing, or dictate your first drafts without fear of critique – that comes much later.

Our Policy:

Colorful Pen appreciates the sharing of knowledge and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Help facilitate respectful sharing:

  1. Colorful Pen reserves the right to edit or delete comments that are not respectful or appropriate to the contents of this site.
  2. Re-blogging is awesome – give credit and link back to original post (or use WordPress guidelines)
  3. You may copy up to 50 words without permission provided you give attribution, do not change overall message or meaning, and link back to original content.
  4. When commenting…
  • No profanity
  • No spam
  • No abusive / threatening comments
  • No graphic language or material

Let’s Connect:

You can email us @  thecolorfulpen@gmail.com

or find us on Twitter @thecolorfulpen

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