Ladies in Scandal Novels

The Captain’s Lady

Lady Isabella Pennington’s life is mired in scandal, but not of her own making. 

As London’s gentry bask in her heartache, she devises a plan to avoid another disastrous engagement. But those plans go awry as she struggles to forget the rogue Captain Nicholas years after the passionate afternoon they spent together.

Her intention to adhere to societal demands is admirable but short-lived when Nicholas shocks everyone by asking for her hand in marriage. What unfolds leaves Lady Isabella torn between societal expectations and her long-held desire.

Captain Nicholas is far from an aristocrat yet is held in high regard in some circles. With his attention focused on Lady Isabella, it’s all she can do to resist the handsome devil. Will a marriage of convenience be a means to a much-coveted end, or will it lead to another humiliating failure for Lady Isabella?

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Her Runaway Earl

Lady Catherine Pennington is content with a life of art, not love.

For starters, she has gotten over her childhood besotted. Well, buried him at the bottom of her heart the same way he left London – without a backward glance. But, when the man she vowed to forget walks through the doors of her gallery, Catherine’s feelings resurface with a vengeance. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need, especially when a case of missing art pieces vie for her attention.

Lord Jerrote Grant’s world changed with the death of his parents, making his return to London two-fold. One, it’s time he take up the responsibilities of the earldom, and two, he desperately needs Catherine’s forgiveness. 

Unfortunately, the latter proves more difficult than expected. Lady Catherine wants no part of his return, but as luck would have it, he has a plan for that.

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Her Wicked Viscount

Love wasn’t part of his plan.

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What People Are Saying

Gary Barwin, author of Yiddish for Pirates, shortlisted for the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Giller Prize

Robecca Austin has created a compellingly romantic and adventurous story set in the vibrantly-portrayed Regency period,  The Captain’s Lady is rich with vividly-drawn characters in captivating and smouldering scenes of surprise and intrigue. Who could resist?

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Amazon Reader

Fast paced romance with suspense elements – love the opening!

I can’t remember when I read a book that started from the villain’s point of view. LOVE THIS!

Her Runaway Earl had great pacing, and I could hear every character’s voice in my head.
Simply a great read, and makes me want to go back and read Nicholas and Isabella’s story in Book 1, The Captain’s Lady!
Will we have to wait for little Cassie to grow up for her book?

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Kate Cayley, Trillium Book Award Winner, How You Were Born

Robecca Austin is a truly gifted writer. She knows how to set a scene, subtly develop a character, and build tension as the story unfolds. She evokes time and place in elegant strokes, and creates vividly realized, emotionally rich people. Her first book is a cause for celebration!

Rating: 5 out of 5.