Meet Cute Poll

You’ve met the cast and begun choosing some names in the previous poll. Now it’s time to vote on what happens during Anik and Zoe’s meet cute.

The hero and heroine meet at the Filth Den. Yes, a pansexual, members-only club where members and guests explore their deepest, kinky fantasies. 

When Zoe goes to the Den, she’s only thinking of pleasing her boyfriend, Dax. She’ll do anything to prove she can be what he desires. Anything except finding pleasure at the hands of her one-night lover, or falling for a stranger’s charms.

Then Anik walks in. 

And all her promises go up in smoke.

What pleasure will Zoe and Anik explore? Cast your vote in the comments.

  1. Bondage
  2. Feather Play
  3. Spanking

I can’t wait to read your choices and see how their intimacy journey starts.

Your first Bad Boss character lineup

This is my first book which will be written based on fan decisions, so every vote counts. As an added incentive, voters from winning choices will be named at the back of this book. A newsletter or Patreon subscriber? Keep a lookout for Bad Bosses posts for more chances to vote.

The Personal Assistant

Zoerina Prince is an orphan who wants to be happy, but she would settle for a month with no bad luck. She’s too trusting for the savage boss who will eat her up. Yet, her innocent passion is the key to quieting Anik’s pain.

The ex-boyfriend

The ex-boyfriend has never been happier than when he had Zoe eating out of his hand. But after seeing her in Anik’s arms, he knows he has to remind her who she belongs to. Is he Mr. Right though?

The Boss

A Sheik from Dubai and son of a rich Arab family, Anik Hijra owns the wealthiest oil company in America. He suffered betrayal and guards his heart as closely as he guards his oil. He’s handsome. Some say he can be generous. But no one questions he’s a savage boss!

The ex-wife

She’s driven and knows what success looks like—it’s her ex husband, Anik. She stood by his side in the early days of his company and will stop at nothing to get him back. But can he forgive her?

The ex-wife and the ex-boyfriend need names, will you help this girl out? Sweet! Leave your numbered response in the comments or message them privately.

The Ex-boyfriend

  1. Dax
  2. Kaysen
  3. Nathan

The  Ex-wife

  1. Kimora
  2. Poppy
  3. Harper

Have a different suggestion? Hit me with your best name in the comments.