A Boring Business meeting

SFW Excerpt from my latest Steamy One-Shot fiction.

This One-Shot prompt made me smile. It reminded me of conversations I’d had about boring business meetings and office pets (subs), and the naughty things they would get into. Sometimes those conversations scratched the surface of cuckolding and delayed gratification. And other times, the anticipation of playing with a more dominant, endowed lover. But in every fantasy, pleasure opened the gates for exploration. To embark on the cuckolding journey, visit Dollhouse Studio. Michael’s stories are wicked fun.

For this short fiction, I brought back Sergio and Jasmine. I loved their dynamic. I referenced Ruthless Taking, their first appearance in this story.



Jasmine’s eyes stung from narrowing them.

The man on the receiving end of her unwavering ire was none other than her capture, Sergio. He had a knack for pissing her off, and today was no exception. Play it cool, Jasmine. This was their first visit to the city since he’d taken her to the mountains, and if she had any hope of escaping, she needed a cool head. It was only a matter of time before his business meeting began and he asked her to leave the room — that would be her opportunity. His bodyguard followed her everywhere, but wouldn’t lay a finger on her. The bruise he’d left on her arm from her last failed escape had seen to that.

She winced, remembering the bone-cracking beating Sergio had dished out that day. While she didn’t want the bodyguard to get punished, she would not miss an opportunity, either.

“My honest angel—”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not your anything.” She lied. It was a poor attempt to ignore the way he set her body on fire or the quickening in her chest when he looked at her in that all-consuming way he did now.

“Do you know why I call you my honest angel?”

Because I’m a poor excuse for a liar. Her palms immediately got clammy. Sergio was smart. If he became suspicious…

She turned over every conversation they had on the flight to Toronto, yet couldn’t find a single discussion where she’d revealed her intention to run. She’s been warm. Chatty, even.

Jasmine blinked as a slow predatory grin curved Sergio’s mouth.

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Meet Cute Poll

You’ve met the cast and begun choosing some names in the previous poll. Now it’s time to vote on what happens during Anik and Zoe’s meet cute.

The hero and heroine meet at the Filth Den. Yes, a pansexual, members-only club where members and guests explore their deepest, kinky fantasies. 

When Zoe goes to the Den, she’s only thinking of pleasing her boyfriend, Dax. She’ll do anything to prove she can be what he desires. Anything except finding pleasure at the hands of her one-night lover, or falling for a stranger’s charms.

Then Anik walks in. 

And all her promises go up in smoke.

What pleasure will Zoe and Anik explore? Cast your vote in the comments.

  1. Bondage
  2. Feather Play
  3. Spanking

I can’t wait to read your choices and see how their intimacy journey starts.