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New year, New Writing Plan

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It’s that time of year again. I imagine organizers are being filled with resolutions. I often wonder how any writers, book lovers, and creators stick to their plans. I know, I didn’t in the past, but over the last year or so, something has changed. I’ve become more focused with this site and moving into a writing career mindset.

If you think creating a writing schedule is boring, then you probably wouldn’t have any fun executing it. I found that most difficult when moving from hobby writer to romance author wanting to make a living writing what I love. In hobby mentality, I wrote when I wanted and if I felt like it.

This year, I’m taking it a step further, I’ve not only created a writing plan. I’ve added a branding and marketing plan as well. This year, publishing and enjoying romance novels are definitely on the list.

This month’s Q and A talks about creating a winning strategy for a new year of writing.

Our Q and A comes from feedback we’ve received, social media, and authors from our authors’ circle. The questions are answered by authors at different stages in writing careers. Q and A’s with authors and readers are meant to reveal how unique each of us are, especially when being creative. We all have our own process and flow.

Here is what some authors have planned for the new year.

1. Do you have any writing/publishing commitments planned?

 Would like to have an agent or publisher look at my novel.

Christine Colorado authors Romance and Mystery


I plan to submit Allie in Outer Space (my children’s story) to smaller publishers in the future.

First, I need to compile a list of publishers and their submission guidelines.

Then, I can start querying. This will be my second round of submissions to smaller publishing houses.

T. J Cullin authors Children fiction and Poetry


I plan to e-publish 2 novels and 5 short stories. I will try to publish a hard copy of my first novel.

J.C Murdak authors Mystery


Yes. I have decided to take part in a writing contest which has the possibility of publishing one of my stories. This is a great opportunity for my writing career.

I have also committed to finishing my debut novel which after completion I want to polish to a point in which is ready to be seen by an agent and /or publisher.  My goal is to have the piece ready to begin the process for traditional publishing.

Laurie Hazel author of Romantic Escapes


2. How do you hold yourself accountable to execute your writing goals?

I don’t. The requests from my environment determine what I will achieve every day.  I squeeze my writing in the available slots. At this stage in my life, I only plan to live the current day.

J. C. Murdak


As a mother of two young girls and an active member at my church my schedule is flooded with kids, school, church, and home duties and activities.

I believe that during the early years of children’s lives my main goal, as a mother, is to be there with my kids, nurture them, care for them, direct and help them stay in the right track until they have a formed their system of values and morals and they become more independent enough. In this important mission as a mother of two girls, I believe that one important aspects is to teach and show them that as a woman, one can be a devoted mother, a devoted believer and also someone who chases after her own dreams. I want my two daughters to see  and learn what it means to work hard, walk the extra mile, put your best effort and prepare yourself to make dreams come true. So I make a point of setting aside a time to work for my personal dream, in my personal project. My girls can see how their mother is a writer and working hard towards becoming an author. They are learning every day they see me do this, that you have to work to and commit to achieve the goals you set up for yourself.

Of course, teaching them is not my only objective, in the process I am doing what I love, I am developing as an artist and writer and I am disciplining myself to reach my best potential. This is what I have decided and want to do as a career. Like with anything that is worth achieving, hard work is required.

–Laurie Hazel


I edit and keep a polished copy of my novel available so it can be sent out on short notice.

Christine Colorado


3. What will you be doing differently this year?

 Trying to create a brand and a marketing plan, starting to work on my 2ndnovel.

Christine Colorado


I will learn to interact on social medias and master the whole process from writing to publishing.

J.C. Murdak


This year I will invest more time specifically dedicated to studying and learning more purposely about the craft.

I also plan to continue developing my brand and sharing my journey with my readers.

Finally, I am working towards prioritizing tasks in general and in my writing too. One of the hardest things has been learning to say “no” so that I don’t get pulled into many different directions.

In order to solve this problem I decided the best solution was to put in writing that which is the most important for me as a person, a mother and a writer. What has put things in perspective is a plan where my main responsibilities are outlined as well as my goals. Being conscious of these two things helps one make decisions and guides your mind towards prioritizing only those tasks that either answer to a responsibility and those who get you closer to your goal.  I have found that it is not 26 or 28 hours in a day that I need, but a better management of the time I have. I now work with a planner and try to keep up with it as best I can. I also work with daily “To-Do” lists but I still need to get into the habit of crossing things out and realizing how much I am actually doing, as a way to measure my progress.

–Laurie Hazel

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I hope you found this post helpful. What are your tips or ideas for being creative?

2 thoughts on “Strategies for a new year of writing

  1. Having the drive and the focus as well as the patience is the first step in the right direction. After that it comes down to planning. Sometimes that can be a scary thing but if we love what we are striving for the fear evaporates.

    Excellent post. Thank you.

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