Book chat with romance author, Litith Darville

In this Authors’ Q and A, I’ll introduce you to Lilith Darville, author of the Masquerade and Vengeance series.

A maverick in motion, Lilith Darville is an adventurous contemporary romance writer.  Her stories are guaranteed to make readers flush and blush. Even as a quirky youngster, writing love stories was paramount in her life—well above algebra and biology. Learning firsthand that some love stories crash and burn while others ignite with an everlasting fire.


Here’s our romance book chat…

1. Tell me about your first book and what inspired you to write it? Most of us start creating because we are driven to share something, a piece of ourselves with the world perhaps. As a romance reader myself, I’d love to know why you felt it was important to share that first story with the world?

I wrote SCORPIO AWAKENS on a challenge from my beloved Hubster to write him a fantasy. I dove in writing a romantic romp that broke a couple of romance conventions. By the time I was done, the main characters, Connor and Kat, screamed to be let loose on the world. I wasn’t so sure, so I self-published it. After a lot of really good feedback from readers and beta readers, I reworked the story to include HEA and sent it to a few publishers. I happily accepted a contract with Luminosity Publishing, who published the Scorpio Series trilogy.

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10 Things to share on your social media author platform

1. Bios are a sneak peek into an author’s life: Readers want to know who you are. What interests you? What you write? I know what you’re thinking – bio’s are boring. Not true. You can make your bio as interesting as you like. Be human. Be personable. Tell your story your way. My about page is my most viewed.

2. Your passion builds emotional connections: Readers love to connect emotionally. Do you volunteer? Are passionate about a cause. I am passionate about Cystic Fibrosis and join in walks as often as I can.

3. New releases keep fans in the “know.” Your marketing plan tells fans what’s new.

4. Valuable content is worth following:  Blog posts are a great way to share value. Share information fellow authors, readers, or site visitors will find useful. This can be  in the form of how-to content for others in your writing community.Red Typewriter

5. Engage through comments: Responding, tweeting, and engaging allows you to connect. Fans know you value their insight. (Platforms open to the public — it’s important not to feed comments intended to disrupt.)

5. Writing samples are an insight to your author style. Some authors with established back-lists publish free or discounted short stories each month. Some offer snippets. And some offer some form of sample to promote published books.

6. Events enable meet and greats. Meeting fans has changed thanks to social media. Podcasts, live online events, and fan rooms allows authors to meet fans from around the world.

7. Pictures are worth a 1000 words. More authors are using pictures and storytelling to showcase creativity. Social media is responsible for sharing magical book trailers.  

8. Well designed book covers make great first impressions. Authors have long used their covers to drive sales before releases. Fans have also voted for their favourite covers.

9. Intriguing characters gets the heart thumping. Fans are always excited when their favourite characters make appearances. For series romance fans, we are excited when our characters fall in love and gets a story of their own.



11. Policy pages set the stage for what comments are appropriate and how your site is moderated. Policy pages also let readers know what content they can expect to read on your site.

12. Create a contact page. Fans are not the only readers wanting to make a connection. A simple contact page lets other writers, and publishers reach you.