Book chat with romance author, Litith Darville

In this Authors’ Q and A, I’ll introduce you to Lilith Darville, author of the Masquerade and Vengeance series.

A maverick in motion, Lilith Darville is an adventurous contemporary romance writer.  Her stories are guaranteed to make readers flush and blush. Even as a quirky youngster, writing love stories was paramount in her life—well above algebra and biology. Learning firsthand that some love stories crash and burn while others ignite with an everlasting fire.


Here’s our romance book chat…

1. Tell me about your first book and what inspired you to write it? Most of us start creating because we are driven to share something, a piece of ourselves with the world perhaps. As a romance reader myself, I’d love to know why you felt it was important to share that first story with the world?

I wrote SCORPIO AWAKENS on a challenge from my beloved Hubster to write him a fantasy. I dove in writing a romantic romp that broke a couple of romance conventions. By the time I was done, the main characters, Connor and Kat, screamed to be let loose on the world. I wasn’t so sure, so I self-published it. After a lot of really good feedback from readers and beta readers, I reworked the story to include HEA and sent it to a few publishers. I happily accepted a contract with Luminosity Publishing, who published the Scorpio Series trilogy.


Scorpio Rising

2. I’ll ask a question lots of beginning writers are torn about, especially with the changes in the publishing industry. Why did you choose self-publishing / hybrid publishing

I have great respect for both traditional and self publishing. In my nonfiction life, I thoroughly enjoyed working with a publisher as I did with Luminosity. I do like controlling the publication schedule by self-publishing.


3. What would you like your current and future romance supporters to take away from your stories?

I’d like to light a fire under my readers’ fantasies. The deep love I share with my Hubster is rich in fantasy that has enhanced and enriched our sex life. I hope my readers walk away feeling the sense of joy and contentment a passionate love affair brings.


4. What from your publishing journey so far would you like to share with readers? A bit of wisdom perhaps for those attempting to take that next step.

My bit of wisdom is the same as that of many authors: Keep writing, learn your craft … yes, please! … and don’t give up. Write for the joy of it!


5. What’s next Lilith, what new stories are you cooking up?

I’m deeply entrenched and thoroughly enjoying writing the next part of Jaden and Rayne’s dark romantic adventures. RISK is book two in the Vengeance Series taking Jaden and Rayne on an exploration of some very different kink dungeons in their search for the head of the sex slave trade. Look for a some dark moments, a bit of kink, and a lot of sizzle.

Thank you Lilith for sharing your journey with us. This was loads of fun. Romance lovers and authors can connect with Lilith and indulge in her romance novels on her site,


Photo of Lilith DarvilleLilith’s romances are inspired by her 20+ year epic romance with her husband, whose ideas and collaboration have led to some her greatest written works—as well as her most-prized achievement, their daughter.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, singing, golfing, spending time with her family, and sparking a new verve for romance and life in each of her readers.  Lilith would love to hear about your epic romances.  After all, there’s a story in all of us…



Risk Amazon Link:

I hope you enjoyed meeting Lilith and don’t forget to check out her books!

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