Gift ideas for the creative mind


I usually don’t write posts about Christmas gifts. To me they are personal. I’m one of those who spends lots of time thinking about a particular gift, if the receiver would like it and how can they use it (I’m practical that way). Not that cost doesn’t matter, I think it does, but it’s not my first thought.

I’m a creative person (or I like to think I am) so my gifts tend to reflect that. One example would be cards, birthday cards included. In our family, we make our own cards. You might immediately think cost, but I think I’m investing a little bit of me.

As I get into the Christmas mood, thanks to endless carols on the radio and my children insisting the, ‘elf moved again,’ I started reflecting on past gifts.

Man, I love me some coffee, but I’m not sure I need ten mugs. Then I think, does my family think I get stuff done because I’m caffeine pumped or was it chosen because scribbled across the front is author, author, author? I don’t think I want to know, the coffee tastes the same, and I still think it’s thoughtful and each one serves as a reminder of my goals.

Three red gift boxes

My first thought of a gift for a creative person is usually a book. Not unconventional in the least. But I don’t mean walking into a store and picking any old thing off the shelf. It could be a book in the genre they write or don’t write – reading something different can be inspiring. Sometimes even gets the creative juices flowing.

Another type of book could be about the craft (Stephen King – On Writing for example). If you’re buying for a beginning writer, a book that offers inspiration could be just the thing they need to feel motivated. If the person has been creating for a while, a book that takes them to the next stage in their career or offers a new perspective maybe a good bet (I’m currently reading Questlove).

Then they are self-published authors that take on most of the publication process on their own. I have a family member that loves snapping shots and playing with images. Some authors design their own cover art.

Subscriptions to editing software can be a nice touch. But honestly, I’m not familiar enough with them. And let’s not forget subscriptions to writing organisations.

I think some more, dig a little deeper, and thought about how cool a photo studio would be for that hands-on creator. They are mini / portable studios as well – perfect for blog or web pics.

You’re thinking how can an author use this? I went to an author event recently and draped on a simple photo studio stand was a banner of their best-selling book. Fans got to either take a picture with the banner as background or standing beside the author. Also, think book events. Profile pictures. Family Pics, the list is endless. And the best part, you can attach any background you like.

These are just ideas to dig a little deeper this Christmas. While we may not realise it, some gifts have the power to drive and inspire us to take our craft to the next stage.

How do you choose that special gift?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate. And to those who don’t, I hope to see you next year!

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