5 Ways authors can whip their manuscripts into shape


If you’re thinking of getting your baby out to the world, then shaping it into the best manuscript has to be part of the plan. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re self-publishing or traditionally publishing.

While this post is not about brand, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it. Because why would you put a pot-hole on your momentum, your hard work, or your brand by self-publishing a book you didn’t whip into shape first?

One of my least favourite parts of whipping my manuscript into shape is redundant editing. And before you send flack my way, I don’t just mean plain old editing. I actually happen to like editing and strengthening the story. This is also my opportunity to add details on setting, characters, and word choice.

What I’m referring to is re-editing the same piece over and over until you’ve either sucked the joy out of it or you’re not sure if the story has actually improved. Now, while there may not be an easy button for that, there are some ways to train yourself out of the habit. Continue reading “5 Ways authors can whip their manuscripts into shape”

Tips for Writing Your First Novel

Red Typewriter, mug of black coffee

1. Your Protagonist must have strong convictions to hold to as things change his world.

  • A Mennonite pastor has a daughter killed by a drunk driver. His beliefs call for forgiveness, but does he want revenge instead? Every character in your story should want/need something.

2.     List 10 inner demons for your Protagonist, choose the best one and work it into the back-story, then see how it affects him now and how it could hinder him in the future. Continue reading “Tips for Writing Your First Novel”