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It’s wonderful to host you, L. B. Joyce. I’m exited about your teaser from, Goodbye Heartbreak, Hello May.

What better time than to feature a love story taking place in the same month?

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Goodbye Heartbreak, Hello May is the 8th book of the of the series, Twelve Months, Twelve Love Stories. A Contemporary and New Adult romance series, think of it as falling somewhere in the middle between sweet romance and erotica. Each month, a new love story – find out who among this group of friends will be the next to fall in love.

Excerpt (Chapter 19)

She chattered on, unable to stop. “It doesn’t help that I’m not used to wearing heels this high. So, when I do, I have to learn how to walk in them all over again. I’ve grown too comfortable wearing my work clogs. Or tennis shoes. For work, those are the best choice.”

His silence, along with the closed expression on his face, had her falling silent. But she got it. It was bad enough he had to come to her rescue. And now he was expected to listen to her lecture on the importance of the proper footwear?

This is when the events of the night finally caught up to her. On the verge of tears, she watched as he unlocked the passenger door of his car. 

The door opened, he turned to her. Huddled deep in his jacket, her eyes were closed, her face scrunched up as though she was trying not to cry. 

She looked absolutely miserable. 

And just like that, something gave way inside of him, a tenderness washing over him. That he was responsible for her distress was the last thing he wanted to happen. 

You need to fix this.

He moved closer. 

A smile tugging the corner of his mouth, he brushed his thumb over her cheek, sending her lashes flying open. “Hmm…If I’m not mistaken, on a night not too long ago and in a parking lot very similar to this, uneven and filled with potholes, I recall sharing a dance with a woman wearing these same shoes.”

He nodded down at her feet. “This was after she claimed she couldn’t dance. But I soon found out how wrong she was. She was a beautiful dancer. The memory of that dance is one I’ll keep forever.”

Now, as a woman who loved shoes—but then again, what woman doesn’t—Stephanie zeroed right in on this.

He remembers your shoes?

A smile curving her lips, she searched his face. “You remember my shoes?”

He smiled, moving even closer. “Ah… there is so much I remember about that night. That it came at a time I was in such need of hope in my life made it even more memorable.”

He shook his head. “It was a night every man dreams of… a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. You might say it was magical… enough to make one believe in fairytales.”

Her lips parted, Stephanie stared at him. Yes, she would agree. Indeed, it had been an evening of magic. But she didn’t understand… if this is how he remembered that night, why didn’t he call her?

She shook her head. “I’m not sure if I–”

At the loud crunch of gravel, they both turned to watch a car pull into the parking lot, the headlights passing over them like searchlights in the night.

Evan moved to shield her from the blinding light before he smiled down at her. “Whoa… I think this is a sign we should leave. Come on, let’s get out of here.”


Never in her wildest dreams had Stephanie imagined three men would vie for her attention. And all at the same time. This just doesn’t happen to girls like her.

There’s Noah, the sweet-talking doctor who gets her heart in a flutter every time he sends her one of his smiles. But he had already made it clear commitment wasn’t his style.

Then there’s Jack, the drummer in her brother’s band. With his movie-star good looks and charming demeanor, he could easily be one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. If only he weren’t so shy. 

Finally, there’s Evan. A freelance photographer, his mysterious coming and goings leave her wondering if each time she saw him, it could be her last. But he needs to move on from the past if they’re to have a future together.

When things get even more complicated, Stephanie has two options.

Be the sensible Stephanie she’s always been.

Or let her heart lead the way.

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Meet the author, L. B. Joyce

A freelance artist by day, with designing Christmas ornaments her specialty, L. B. Joyce is also a writer by night. She loves getting lost in a good book, has redecorated almost every room in her house more times than she’d like to admit, is a prize-winning recipe contender, hates housework with a passion and will drive just about anywhere because of her fear of flying.

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