Kick start good writing habits

For those who want to write THE END  or see our work published, we need to write. Put in the time and get those words on the page. For some, it’s writing daily and for others, it’s writing when we can, between bouncing that baby and the day job.

Whatever is eating your time, having a simple plan will help get the words out. It’s important to note that every plan needs tweaking and adjusting. I tinker with mine each year as I learn to write for longer periods (but not necessarily faster) without distractions. 

While none of these are new, they are often overlooked.

Here is how I started.

  1. Write a plan for the week. Make it simple. We are more likely to execute goals that are simple and uncluttered. Lists are great, but I get overwhelmed seeing all those to-dos. I’m also a fan of seeing progress on paper. 

Goal: 500 words per-day

Day One/Monday        Day Two/Tuesday

250 words                250 words

250 words                250 words

Repeat the process depending on your goal and the number of days you intend to write. Write in one sitting or bit by bit. Either way, check off your accomplishments as you hit them. Even 500 words a day adds to a full-length novel a year. I’ve attached a simple daily planning sheet below.

Repeat. Write. Repeat.

2. Reduce distractions during writing time. Yep, that means Facebook and other social media. Honestly, this is a challenge. By day five, I was dying. But no one un-friended me for not responding during my writing hours.

3. Find a buddy. Can’t claim every buddy will have your commitment either. Finding an accountability buddy to share our experience with will help reinforce good habits and writing behaviors.

4. Be positive. Negativity sneaks in unexpectedly and often we don’t hear it in our language. Negativity will zap your creativity every time. Make it part of your daily routine to speak one positive statement about your writing, your success, your dreams, etc. And for Pete’s sake, celebrate all those daily word count checkmarks.

I would love to know what habits work for you.

Stay safe and happy, and maybe just a little naughty!


5 thoughts on “Kick start good writing habits

  1. I tend to write quite a bit but also have to share time with creating art. My challenge is having too many open stories. I need to get better at putting a bow on them and publishing.

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    1. Your readers are hungry for those stories, Michael, and your digital art is swoon worthy! Yes, put a bow on them please, that publish button is waiting for a tiny push. 😏

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      1. Swoon worthy, I’m seriously flattered that you feel my art rises to that level – thank you ☺️ As for the tiny push on the publish button, it is you that are pushing a button and I really like it 🔥

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