Sustaining your writing during stressful times—five:

Purposeful blending of goals and community

It’s another week of staying the course. In the spirit of celebrating small victories, I’m happy with the results thus far. I’ve consistently sat in front of my computer daily to write, market, or both. The first of six stories are up for pre-order and today I received the copy edits for story number two.

I’ve tested my first Facebook Ad and while the results left my mouth dry, I stuck to my budget and learned some tricks to test another Ad which will run in June for two weeks.

The local community I’m part of is growing strong despite changes to the way we meet. Weekly progress reports and goal setting keeps us motivated.

Oh, I’m also getting closer to wrapping up the first draft of book two. For me, this was a busy week. I anticipate a slowdown and wouldn’t mind redirecting Ad creation time back to crafting new words.

As you may have guessed, I’m not just interested in reading the stepladders and forgetting them after a month or two. I want to implement strategies to create lasting change.

For those following along, at the end of each post is a reminder of the stepladders with my goals for achieving success. My hope is that sharing these makes setting goals less daunting. Also, I’d love to know your process. After all, we’re in this together.

Oh fun! A Stick With It exercise. Nope, not weight lifting, although this might feel like it.

  1. Identify the behaviour you want to change.
  2. If you’ll recall, my purpose is to form achievable, measurable habits. More specifically, writing consistently to build my writing.

Read week one

  • Start or join a community.
    • I’m already rooted in two communities because a writing career has many layers. I joined another last week. Each of the communities I chose is focussed in one area:
      1. Writing Romance
      2. Editing
      3. Marketing / Marketing to romance readers
  • Connect with members through sharing, posting, or engaging.
    • I’m getting better at connecting. It’s a work in progress.
  • Take note of the way you engage. The power of social magnets – what keeps you coming back.
    • For me it’s being surrounded by positive vibes.
    • I’ve never felt better than when I decided to blog about topics that impact me. Through comments and private messages, I found that I wasn’t alone.

Week 4

Small steps: Can be accomplished now.

Write daily (no matter the word count). Lots of progress this week. Other parts of writing needed my attention which extended book two’s deadline.

Short term goals: Can be accomplished in one week.

Work on marketing twice per weekWorking on second Facebook ad and new short story cover.

Cover for my steamy Scottish romance brief

Long term goals: one month

Finish book 2I can see the finish line! No dancing yet though.

Dream: three months or more

Publish 1 story a month starting May – October

Publish 6 titles in six months

Works completed:

  1. The Captain’s Lady – first draft, edits, cover, and formatting done. July release
  2. Champion of the Isles – first draft, edits, format, and cover done. August release

What I’m listening to: Smart Author Podcast

Feel good story: 15-Year-old Girl Hailed as ‘Lionhearted’ Hero for Cycling 750 Miles with Injured Father

2 thoughts on “Sustaining your writing during stressful times—five:

  1. Thank you for connecting with me and your encouraging words over the past years or so. Also, appreciate your recent visit…hope you found it enjoyable 😈☺️

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