Sustaining your writing during stressful times—three:

Using small steps

I started posting about this topic a few weeks ago because I was frustrated by my lack of progress. As you can tell, these posts are becoming a regular thing.

If you haven’t read the other post you can find them here:

I don’t mind sharing my journey though, because this process does a few things:

  • Commitment—This is especially true if you don’t have consistent cheerleaders or a writing community. I can’t tell you how invaluable having people who offer support are. These people genuinely want us to succeed.
  • New words—Once a week as I write this update on accomplishing small steps, I’m also being creative and adding new words.
  • Accountability—By sharing my outcome, I’ve committed to seeing the process to its completion because, as an added incentive, I have to report my progress. This means continuing to writing. That alone is motivating.

As mentioned in a previous post, I came across Stick With It, while browsing the internet for ways to consistently see my goals to completion. You should note that I do get tasks done—generally…sometimes, but never in a timely manner. Meeting deadlines is necessary (in my opinion) to sustaining a long healthy writing career. If you write for a living or want to write full time (like me) then we are entrepreneurs and our business is writing and publishing.

My Progress: Week 2

Small steps: Can be accomplished now.

Write daily (no matter the word count). Completed one blog post, added one new chapter to book 2.

Short term goals: Can be accomplished in one week.

Work on marketing twice per week. Working on second cover.

The cover I completed last week. Book one took one year to write and book two was on the same path. That’s why I’m trying this process.

Long term goals: one month

Finish book 2.

Dream: three months or more

Publish 1 story a month starting May – October

Publish 6 titles in six months 

What I’m reading: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life by Sean D. Young.

Feel good story: On this day in history or Instead of selling lemonade, boy sets up drive by joke stand

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