3 Ways to make the most of March

Named after Mars, the Roman god of war, March was the first monTwo easter bunny statues, one holding an eggth of the earliest Roman calendar.

It’s also one of the months I get little done. Lots of traditions get recognised in march. World Book Day. National Peanut Month. International Women’s Day. St Patrick’s Day, and my personal favorite, Good Friday which leads into Easter. And those are only some I take note of.

Days and time can disappear during celebration. Here are three productive ways get work done while taking part in the celebrations.


  1. Create Content in advance

If you haven’t created a blogging schedule yet, it’s not too late. For years I’ve winged it, sat in my chair and tried to create interesting posts. This technique didn’t work for me.

My post were not consistent, they felt rushed, and they were times I gave up. Your schedule is your guide to creating meaningful content in advance. It gives you time to revise.


2.  If you’re surfing, you might as well be networking

woman leaning man, both smiling while on the computer

While you’re in the community, whether online or local, you should be networking. Visiting sites to mingle, leave meaningful comments. Found blogs that interest your readers, link. Think collaborating will expand your audience, send the narrator a private message.


3.  Take note

Take note of conversations, and what holds your interest. Books read in celebration of World Book Day could turn into a post or book review. Pictures are great ways to showcase festivities.

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways to make the most of March

  1. I really like your tip about if you’re surfing you can be networking. I’m definitely guilty of surfing and then not feeling productive, this is a good way to achieve that!


    1. March is one of those months that if I don’t plan, the days get away from me. March break is also another event requires planning.


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