Who do authors write for?

Do authors write for themselves or fans?

When I first started writing, I thought the answer was simple – we write for ourselves.woman walking on rock path at side mountain with arms extended.

Surely a story would never see completion with other people in our heads. Right?

  • My first drafts see completion when I tell the tale I’ve created. Edits and marketing come later.

Then, I sent my first query. Made changes based on suggestions from qualified individuals. Do I write for agents and publishers then?

  • Some of us still want to sign contracts. This is true for writers earning a living as independent authors and the traditional way.

My first short story published. Got some, ‘great job,’ and thumbs up. Ha! I wrote for the audience.

  • They are reasons why we might writer directly for fans.  Your series is underway.  On a contract.

We write for all three groups. The first draft belongs to us – before it’s submitted. Editors make suggestions to improve the work, publishing line, and market demand. Once published, the story belongs to them – our supporters.

Do other content creators feel the same, marketers, bloggers, the YouTubers…

2 thoughts on “Who do authors write for?

  1. I like the way that you divided up the writing process and it definitely makes sense. This way every part of your writing is satisfying in a different way! Interesting idea 🙂


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