What Is Branding?

4 Tips for building your brand on social media, and why being a writer helps.

Short answer, a bunch of things make up how a brand is viewed. Your brand is more than a logo, a product, or how we represent ourselves. In fact, the above are only some aspects of brand building. In addition to visual appeal, how we communicate plays a big role. Is your lingo interactive or contains humor – how’s your voice.

In a nut shell, brand is how your community feels after they have digested your content.

  1. As an author, I didn’t consider having a unique voice when I interacted on social media – we should.
  2. Who are you and what do you want your community to know about you? If your brand is focused around your stories or published works, that’s fine, just remember, know your audience and add value.
  3. If you’re now building a platform, you may want to add value and build a community first. Your community is more likely to be interested in your work if they are interested in what you have to say. Worth repeating – Think community. Keep your message in sight. Don’t focus on selling.

4. Most of us authors are individuals managing our own brand, so it’s important to have a unique personality. Take advantage of your writing skills, use active words. Use down to earth language (voice!). Mix short and long sentences for impact.

Find the story, tell its truth from the best POV.

3 thoughts on “What Is Branding?

  1. I agree, building your brand is the sum of who you are. We are all unique and that’s what makes us interesting to other. Embrace it and share it with your community.

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  2. I agree with your point about having a unique voice when interacting on social media. It’s important to have a consistent voice. All too often you see people on social media who say one thing on one day and then a completely contradictory thing on another and it makes you wonder if they truly know who they are and their own brand.

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