Paranormal Mystery Release

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DREAM CATCHER, by Christine Colorado
When newly widowed Carolyn asks her friend Julia to help her find a new house, she gets more than she wanted. Even a sparkling dream-catcher can’t keep the spirits from haunting her and her daughter Ginny. Julia offers to help them when Carolyn realizes it was Julia’s plan all along.

THE BOWL, by Robecca Austin
When Shane lost his mother at age seven, he knew something was terribly wrong. When three women disappeared that same summer, he knew their quaint town on Dorton Island was in trouble.

Now, years later as Chief of Police, he is determined to uncover the secrets of Dorton Island, even if he has to rattle the dead. 

THE ANALYST, by Laurie Hazel 
When Adam first received Abigail for an initial consultation, she came to him like a beautiful present wrapped in fragile hysteria. She presented crippling anxiety and severe, selective, for-no-apparent-reason aphonia. Nevertheless, something had moved her enough to go find him. Symptoms like those were often a delight for him to unravel . . .